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14 November 2003,
And i thought i would never update this page ever again ! But i still desided to do a little update. I have added a tutorial section. I'm actualy writing some tutorials for the some members on 3dbuzz . So i just post tehm here too. The first tutorial is about general BSP practice, just to make a map more interesting with BSP. I hope people will begin thinking a bit more about geometry and architecture. They might get beter ideas and maybe have less problems tranlating those shapes to static meshes. I'm already working on the static mesh and movers tutorial. I'm about 3/4 with it. After that ? Lighting techniques and projectors. and then one about special effects, like emitters.

28 June 2003,
Heya all, an update. Yup I'm well thanks for asking. What ? you didn't ask ? Oh that's not really polite now is it ? Well i don't have general ramblings actualy so just go to the UnrealSped section. I've posted some screens there and added a little bit of text.
Damn, i need a better website, this one sucks.

2 June 2003,
Phew been a while since the last update. Anyway i'm still working for the UnrealSpeed mod so nothing changed here. And we relaesed a new version yesterday so go download it and play it. It has a map i made and i also did the base of the hummer model (Osiris finsihed, improved and imported it). Now i'm working on an ice map which i had to start over since i was stupid enough to erase my harddrive. So what are you still doing here go to unrealspeed.

28 April 2003,
Yeah, an update. I added some links and i added a new section, UNREALSPEED. That's right since i'm working on the team as a mapper i might as well show of what i'm doing at the moment. So go and take a look at the section. I added four screenshots and put some comments at them. Three screens from the map that's almost finished and one of a car i'm working on. Enjoy.

24 April 2003,
Just a little update to let you know I'm still alive and that I'm still mapping for UnrealSpeed, so if you haven't checked out the mod go there immediatly by following the link below. The map (US-IslandRushCPR) is coming along nicely, I think it will be done shortly. The first version at least, cause as the mod progresses I will probably update the map with other static meshes etc.
The next map is going to be an snow/ice themed map set in a forest setting. This is going to be a real challange since it means I will have do make some textures of my own, I hope I will be able to make some decent ones. 
Until we meet again.

15 April 2003,
Great news, as of yesterday i'm officialy a mapper with the UnrealSpeed team, so expect to see some of my maps with later realeases of the mod. For people that have no idea what's US is about, it's a race modification for UT2K3. If you like to check out the mod go  here. I think i'll add a new section where i keep you informed on the map i'm currently working on.

9 April 2003,
I updated the links section today, so have a look.
I haven't mapped a lot for the map in the UT2K3-section (CTF-GESProductionFacility), I've been kinda busy with another map for the mod UnrealSpeed ( The map is almost in beta stage, so it might appear in a later release of US, who knows? 

2 April 2003,
I updated the download section, you can now download the new beta of DM-MortesCathedral for UT1 Therefor i haven't edited for UT2 the last few days but i will continue with that again once i finish the UT1 map.

1 April 2003,
I updated the UT2K3 Project section with some screenshots and some comments, i'm almost done with geometry and can begin lighting the map. I also uploaded the updated UT1 map, but i made a mistake and included the wrong map file. So within the next few days i will upload the new map, hope it will be better.

30 March 2003,
A minor update some minor changes to the website and I added a UT2K3-mappers section. So if you are a mapper go check it out. I'm planning to add links to websites from other mappers if they are interested. So if you are a mapper and want a link to your own site just let me know.

29 March 2003,
Today I updated the UT2K3 section again, so why are you still here go check it out. So still here huh, well if you are a UT2K3-mapper and you like a link to your own site let me know, i'll add a mapper-links-section if i get enough feedback. I also added a guestbook, so if you like you can add something there.

24 March 2003,
Today i updated my UT2K3 project section so if you would like to know the progress on my first map go and take a look. I've included 3 screenshots and a bunch of text to explain a bit. I also edited the about me section, but there's not much there yet.

18 March 2003,
Last week I finally bought UT2K3 (after upgrading my system) and now I started editing again. I spend a LOT of time editing with UED2 and I enjoyed that very much so why not try UED3.
But UED3 has some big differences compared to UED2 so I need to learn a lot of new stuff. The progress I make I will put in the UT2K3 Project section. There I post screens of my progress and comment on some things i learned and stuff like that. 

19 february 2003,
Wow, not just some links but a real download page too. Man this is really becoming a great site (uche uche).

15  february 2003,
Well a real update, just some more links, enjoy!

29 may 2002,
Not much to do here, but maybe that will change in the future. For now there is nothing , so enjoy doing nothing.